Krishna Ghagre. India

I consulted the site for my son's job/ business. The prediction was very correct and I am satisfied as we could take right decisions about that matter.  I again consulted site for my daughter's education line and her admission to college. Here again the prediction was correct and we are very happy about this.

Ranjan J. India

I consulted astroyogalife site astrologer for my daughter's marriage and happy to say that the prediction was very accurate. I again consulted for my son's marriage. The prediction was most accurate. Further, I consulted for my promotion in the job. The prediction was again accurate. I am very much satisfied with the site. 

Adi Sable India

I contacted this site regarding my daughter's education and as predicted she got admission in Medical college. I am very happy and satisfied about the predictions.

Aparna T. Canada

I consulted the site about my getting the job and I got the job exactly as told. I am very happy and I have now consulted the site's astrologer Mr. Deshmukh again for my son's education and expect the prediction would be correct. I am satisfied with the site.

Dr. Laxmi USA

I have personally consulted the astrologer and am satisfied with the accurate prediction & advise in my case which has now materialized. The astrologer is very knowledgeable and I thank the service and would prefer to consult them again. 

Adi Deshpande USA

I consulted the site for my Job related problem. I got the extension in my job on 12 August 2012 exactly as per prediction given by the site astrologer. I have now trust and will always contact the site.

Saurabh J. USA 

I have consulted the website regarding my job as my visa was ending. I received the appointment letter on 18 February 2012 exactly as predicted by the site astrologer. I am very much satisfied and would contact site for any difficulty in future.  


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