Let me tell you a little of my background. I was 19 when my interest caught up in this subject. At 20, I started reading seriously on the subject and I  got real insight by the time I was 24. Since then I am giving predictions to my relatives, friends and acquaintances. I progressed in life very well with professional degrees in finance & Accounting. I am now running a investment consultancy and run this website designed by me with the help of daughter and son. This is only to tell you that I have observed that Astrology can definitely give a fair idea of what is likely to happen. Depending on the impact of events, we can take steps to avoid inconvenience and save our money and could gain financially if cautious approach is adopted. 
The first and foremost need is to have most correct predictions. I have been giving predictions only when I had verified my method of prediction is giving me correct results. Still, I would not recommend to take the predictions as 100% true. 
Now more about use of Astrology
 Your Birth Chart analysis Choosing a career : gives clear indications for career prospects and field of study and work.
Life partner : gives indications of the nature of life partner / spouse.
Nature health troubles most likely to face : clearly indicates your weak organs and trouble you are most likely to face.  
Children and their health troubles.  
Your parents health problems
Property related matters 
Your career progression i.e promotions to higher grades 
Your changes in place of residence or Jobs

 If you know any of these with more than 75% accuracy you will certainly take steps and make arrangements to minimise losses and inconveniences. which I did many times in my life.(now I am 60 ).