How to Use Astrological Predictions for Your benefit

December 11, 2012
Let me tell you a little of my background. I was 19 when my interest caught up in this subject. At 20, I started reading seriously on the subject and I  got real insight by the time I was 24. Since then I am giving predictions to my relatives, friends and acquaintances. I progressed in life very well with professional degrees in finance & Accounting. I am now running a investment consultancy and run this website designed by me with the help of daughter and son. This is only to tell you that I have observed that Astrology can definitely give a fair idea of what is likely to happen. Depending on the impact of events, we can take steps to avoid inconvenience and save our money and could gain financially if cautious approach is adopted. 
The first and foremost need is to have most correct predictions. I have been giving predictions only when I had verified my method of prediction is giving me correct results. Still, I would not recommend to take the predictions as 100% true. 
Now more about use of Astrology
 Your Birth Chart analysis Choosing a career : gives clear indications for career prospects and field of study and work.
Life partner : gives indications of the nature of life partner / spouse.
Nature health troubles most likely to face : clearly indicates your weak organs and trouble you are most likely to face.  
Children and their health troubles.  
Your parents health problems
Property related matters 
Your career progression i.e promotions to higher grades 
Your changes in place of residence or Jobs

 If you know any of these with more than 75% accuracy you will certainly take steps and make arrangements to minimise losses and inconveniences. which I did many times in my life.(now I am 60 ).


Talent and Profession

June 8, 2012

This blog is for parents and youngsters who wish to know which are the talents hidden in their personality pursuit of which will give them satisfaction. Secondly,which work or job will give them livelihood. As per the principles of astrology these two are different. One that gives the person his born flair for particular work i.e Acting, Photography, drawing, painting etc. pursuing that he/she achieves expertise very fast. Other one, which requires efforts and may not be that satisfying but gives the person a earning for his livelihood.

First, Natural flair or talent

This depends on the most influential planet in the horoscope and influence of other planets on that key planet.

Next, Profession or work for livelihood

This depends on the influence of signs and planets on the houses in birth chart indicating income and wealth.

It may happen that the planets involved in both the above are the same, in that case the person will use his talents and flair for his livelihood. This needs to be done with detailed analysis of the chart.

However Traits and Talents can be indicated by placement of Moon and Sun as per Vedic Astrology. I have given below the details for each sign.

Aries : March 21-April 20

Arians are more talkative, which can be a good for some jobs. They are full with vigor and passion, and are great at persuasive job. Jobs that involve public speaking, such as political and educational jobs are suitable for them. Jobs in the sectors, like sales and marketing, Hotel management, travel and tourism, teacher/ lecturer are suitable. 

Taurus: April 21-May 20

Taurus are more practical people, while having a taste for finer things in life. They are reliable and honest, yet little stubborn and a bit bullish. Those with more of an interest in the aesthetic, will enjoy jobs in architecture, design, or interior decorating. Finance, Banking and other service sector jobs that involve money are a great fit.

Gemini: May 22-June 21

Geminians are known for being analytical, inquisitive and indecisive.  In fact, they just want to be engaged by life and for things to be interesting.  Jobs that involve rotating schedules or allows them to be a jack-of-all-trades will keep them interested and motivated.  jobs are ideal. Some will be happy doing artistic jobs if there is enough variety for them.

Cancer: June 22-July 23  

Cancers are known for having endless energy and being the protectors of others. They do best in health careers like nursing, emergency medical technicians, and mental health. They will also thrive in the military, law enforcement, or firefighting if they feel like their jobs are allowing them to give back to the community.     

Leo: July 24-August 23  

Leos like to be in charge, and are very good with other people.   Their charm and wit usually sees them in jobs that involve politics. Jobs in real estate and entertainment can be rewarding choices for the Leo.     

Virgo: August 24-September 23

Virgos are very focused individuals. They want to know every detail, and will strive for accuracy.   Academics, researchers, as well as editing and writing jobs are great professions for the Virgo.  Some will prefer more hands-on, detail-oriented jobs, like chefs or mechanics. 

Libra: September 24-October 23

Libras are one of the most social signs, and are not happy working in solitude.  They do best in jobs where they can work in groups or help people out.  Public service, psychologists and social work, and teaching are great choices. 

Scorpio: October 24-November 22

Scorpions tend to be resourceful and analytical.  Their intuition and ability it read situations is often mistaken for being manipulative.  In reality, they are just interested in the complexities of the world.  Jobs that involve learning, like educational positions, scientific research, or high-skilled jobs that require on-going education should be considered. 

Sagittarius: November 23-December 21

Sagittarius tend to be highly ethical, and have a strong drive to travel and learn new skills. They're  most likely to have a religious belief and follow it dogmatically. Jobs in the clergy or jobs that involve travel are good choices for this sign. 

Capricorns: December 22-January 20

Capricorns are people who thrive on control and the ability to use their common sense.  They are persistent, realists, and responsible. They enjoy working with their hands or having jobs that have concrete outcomes.  Food growing or preparation, artistic endeavors, laboratory work, and sales jobs are ideal for this sign. 

Aquarius: January 21- February 19

Aquarians tend to work better on their own, and are always full of great ideas. Jobs where they can work alone, such as a computer programmer, pilot or driver, and photographer will allow them to feel complete.  Other jobs that allow them to work alone on projects, such as a prep-cook, astronomer, engineers, and mechanics are other possibilities. 

Pisces: February 20-March 20

Pisces tend to be very parental and empathetic.  They care a great deal about the world around them.  Working for non-profits in areas that interest them, in mental health care, or medical jobs allow them to heal and nurture people, making them feel successful and happy.  For those Pisces who are less social, jobs that involve maintaining buildings, facilities, or grounds can be another avenue to pursue


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