Dear Reader,

With a study of astrology, Vedic astrology, KP Singh technique 

and Nadi Granth for over 35 years now, I have been reading 

horoscopes of individuals and have advised colleagues, friends

 and family with high success. I wish to continue to consult and

 help individuals gain the benefit of my knowledge by helping 

them avert situations and assist them with solutions for the same.

-Mr. Suhas Deshmukh

Dear Reader,

With a study of Patanjali yoga, yoga philosophy (M.Phil)

and nutrition for more than 10 years, I have been taking

yoga classes and doing nutrition counseling as well as child

and parent counseling for many years. Before this, I have

been working as a teacher/professor for several years. I

wish to continue spreading awareness of good effects of

yoga to gain a healthy body and mind.

-Mrs. Sushama Deshmukh

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