Astrology is the study of  impact of planets, Zodiac signs and constellations on the life of human being. The birth time,date and Place of the person is treated as reference point to reckon the effect of  the planets and stars on this fixed identity called Ascendant. The position of ascendant can be in any of the 12 zodiac signs. From this point of Ascendant, the entire circle of 360 degrees are divided in 12 parts called houses. Each of these areas have been assigned the area of life viz.Family, Friends, Finance, Married life, Profession etc. The effect of zodiac signs and planets on each of these areas are analyzed to predict the future happening in life. In India this study was done in great detail and The study of astrology was given a status of subject in ancient Indian education system.

The Astrology, unlike the physical sciences, is a deductive science. It has an element of uncertainty due to lack of knowledge of underlying physical laws. An organised research in Astrology is needed to develop the laws for explaining the underlying patterns and events in our lives. Over the years of observation and analysis, astrologers have developed certain laws explaining situations and events in our lives . I feel that, to discard it saying that it is not a science and hence may not be studied, would be unwise. Its utility to prepare us for any eventuality can not be denied. However, our tendency to take every action or inaction on the basis of astrology is to be curbed and avoided.

Yoga Consultations

In ancient India Rishi Patanjali propounded the Yoga system to enhance the power of senses of the body. To achieve this, all functions and systems in the body should necessarily function optimally. YOGA exercise ensures proper coordination and fine tuning of internal organ systems in our body.  Yoga also helps to heal the functional problems and diseases in the body. Our expert teacher is  M.Phil in Yoga and Philosophy and is a practicing yoga teacher and nutritionist. For advice on physical yoga, pranayam, nutrition and counseling go to contact us page. 

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